This is a passion over my life that I can’t wait to have the body of Christ join me in understanding, and experiencing. Even though I am not a musician and have only a little ability in playing music I have a large passion for good worship. Over the years I have experienced the presences of the Lord and know how life changing that is and know that it did not happen by accident, it was an intentional effort of those who were leading the service or on my own part. So much of the church is hung up on music or volume of the sound and not on true worship in Spirit and Truth.

Part of the Lord’s call over my life is to help as many individuals to experience God’s presence as possible.  There is a diffident place for thanksgiving, praise and of course worship. How to they differ and how do they affect the other is what Holy Spirit is showing me to teach.

I can teach this as part of a regular service or for a full service.


I can lead worship vocally or I can play enough to lead worship. It is not about the music it is about Him. So pastor if you lead the worship and want me to come in and fill in for you I can do both.