In 2001 I felt the Holy Spirit moving me to be involved in a ministry outside the church I was pastoring at the time. Then I was put in contact with a chaplain and I knew that was what I was to partner with.  So I made contact with our local police department and the timing was right.


I became part of the Miami Township Police Department, Clermont County, Ohio. There I received the necessary training of how to serve as a chaplain and not as a pastor, they are so different but have so much in common.


During this time I became a part of the International Conference of Police Chaplains and have earned the rank of Master Chaplain. I have received a number of awards through the MTPD and Clermont County. I have taken each officer out to lunch and bought them lunch, gave them each a Police Bible, and a book on emotional survival.


Ministering to the officers, their families, and to the survivors of death has been very rewarding and challenging at thesame time. This is a ministry I still am a part of.