Evangelist Ministry

After retiring from the pastoral ministry on Aug. 15, 2014, I have spent many hours praying  for the Lord's nest step in my life and being restored by Holy Spirit to mental, physical, and spiritual strength. During this time I have visited a number of churches of a number of fellowships, and Holy Spirit has shown me so much. One point was the need to help and encourage pastors in their walk in the Spirit. It seems like there is so much pressure on the pastors today to sometimes be who they are not and to preaching a way that God has not prepared them to be.

Then there was the need to encourage the church body also helping bring healing and a presence of Holy Spirit. Showing that they also are called of the Lord to serve and minister helping their pastor in the work of the ministry through faith and the strength of the Spirit.

Holy Spirit has given me a message the increase faith so they are not defeated in their personal life and have faith to help others through their victories.

I am available to minister for Revival meeting, Sunday services, or other special meetings. 34 years of pastoring has help me to be sensitive to the Holy Spirits.

Call to schedule meetings and/or let join you in prayer about anything that is burdening you at this time.